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Bathpack Beard Oil


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Call Your Father, Husband, Guy Friends, Brothers And Uncles! We Have BEARD OIL!

We formulated our proprietary blend with the everyday man in mind. The Bathpack Beard Oil conditions beard hair while rejuvenating the skin. 


Here's how to apply the Bathpack Beard Oil: 

1. Pour out 2-3 drops into your hands

2. Rub the beard oil between your hands to evenly disperse it

3. Massage the oil into your beard working against the hair from front to the back

4. Repeat as desired


Here's how often to apply the Bathpack Beard Oil: 

Apply the beard oil twice a day: once in the morning and once right before going to bed. (Pro Tip: Apply a little more beard oil at night and let it work its benefits for your skin and beard overnight!)