Silver Brush Backordered: Expected Ship Date January 30

Bathpack Silver Brush


I love my new Bathpack brush, the bristles are super soft, my girls say they like it better than the wet brush.


No bad hair days!


This Brush is blowing up my insta!


Love ❤️ Love ❤️ this brush! And*** it's ONLY $5!*** 💁 I've always loved my tangled teezer- but that still left some underneath hair not fully combed through. This Bathpack brush totally glides through it all!  Seriously! Best $5 ever! Follow them and then order yourself this perfect brush!


I am excited to have them to offer to my clients. I bought 2 one for myself and one for my 4 year old daughter and she loves it!!! I think my clients will also.


So I ordered a brush from you guys last week and oh my heck... I love it!! I have had alopecia areata for the past 5 years and along with that has come very weak hair that breaks if you look at it cross eyed. I also have several wigs that turn into a giant rats nest very easily. After trying brush after brush, I can finally say that I have found a brush that not only combs out my hair, but also doesn't break every strand along the way! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You are a lifesaver ❤️

New York

It's like yoga for my hair